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Care for the Caregivers

Fighting for climate justice is a marathon. Mile after mile of hard, on-going work, peppered with grueling sprints and long up-hill battles.


Fatigue is real. 

Burn-out is real. 

Anxiety is real. 


Understatement: we need some water stations along the way to refuel - places to stretch, rest, and replenish. Meditation breaks = a kind of water station.

Meditation can help...

  • Avoid burnout, by bringing awareness to how we use our all-important personal energy. 

  • Infuse joy and peace into our daily lives and into our work.

  • Connect us to the optimism, within the realism. 

  • Provide self-compassion and rest. 

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“Radical presence is being in the world, taking up space, and loving myself without apology.”  

- Lama Rod Owens

Care for Caregivers Details

Customizable to your organization, One Small Stone provides meditation workshops, both as one-off sessions and series, to staff and volunteers at environmental organizations. Offered in-person and on zoom.

Fee varies depending on participant size, length and frequency of sessions and location. Email to discuss price. One Small Stone is committed to an inclusive mindfulness community and welcomes all, regardless of ability to pay. 

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"True compassion is predicated on our ability to stand up for ourselves when the situation calls for it, to lovingly communicate our boundaries, and to give from a place of recognizing that the receiver is already capable, sufficient, and whole…”

- Adreanna Libmach

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