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Many of us (the majority of us, actually) are worried about climate change.


Below are some resources to start incorporating positive changes into your life, learning more for yourself, and asking our leaders for system-wide change.


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All We Can Save

Book edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson

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Bill McKibben in The New Yorker

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A Matter of Degrees

Podcast hosted by Dr. Katharine Wilkinson and Dr. Leah Stokes

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The Big Switch

Podcast hosted by Dr. Melissa C. Lott

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Lend a Hand for System Change

Lend a hand for system change
Environmental Voter Project

Nonpartisan group that has an awesome track record of increasing environmental voter turnout. Politicians will pay attention when their job is on the line. Let's get out the vote!

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Earth Justice

A public interest environmental law organization with over 200 lawyers using the power of the law to stop climate change. Email blasts and text alerts offer the opportunity to sign petitions and call government representatives. 

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Citizens' Climate Lobby 

Nonpartisan organization that "empowers everyday people to work together on climate policy."

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Easy Swaps to Make at Home

Easy swaps to make at home
Plastic Free Hand Soap
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This swap is so, SO easy and good. Do a blind “taste test” with this soap against any other and see if you agree. In addition to the environmental benefit, if you’re like me and are lazy about shopping, you can buy a ton of the refill tablets, store them in a tiny space under your sink, and be prepared for a long time!

Shampoo Bars and Conditioners

These shampoo bars lather well and I find the conditioner works well. I have tried several other shampoo/conditioner bars and Earthling is my fave. As a caveat: my children are okay with the shampoo bars but feel the conditioner leaves knots. So, they do the shampoo bars and we still buy some conditioner in plastic bottles…for now. 

Tooth Paste and Dental Floss

ByHumankind has super cute dental floss and toothpaste containers. Refills come in compostable packaging. You can set the refills up to come on a regular schedule or you can order as you need. Both the floss and toothpaste taste and work great. Done and done!


Is it just me or is that the sleekest deodorant container you've ever seen? I've always seen deodorant as a very necessary utility. But this Bite deodorant actually makes me happy to see sitting on my bathroom counter. It does its job, keeping me not stinky, and it's a bright, shiny reminder that I'm supporting a business that reduces plastic. The refills come in recylcable cardboard and are super easy to use. 

Food Storage
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If you're looking for a replacement to cling wrap and plastic bags, Net Zero has some easy to use products. The silicon lids come in lots of sizes to fit well over your dishes and food, mimicking plastic wrap. The silicon sealer bags can be swapped in to replace single-use plastic bags for storage in the freezer, fridge, or cupboard. The sliding mechanism to shut these bags was a little hard to use at first, but after a few uses they've broken-in.  

More Food Storage
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A fun and bright replacement to cling wrap, Ici et la Creations is a woman-owned, handmade business in Westchester, NY.   

Water Bottle

Any reusable water bottle, just use one. For traveling, the Nomader is great. It folds up small, but expands to a regular size. I also like the lid, which keeps the mouth clean even when you shove it into your purse or backpack. (Fair warning: one of my kids thinks the Nomader makes the water taste "funny.") 

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