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Drop-In Meditations

The simple practice of meditation reduces stress and anxiety, while also increasing joy and self-love.  


Meditation trains us to respond to life from a place of authenticity and love, rather than fear and distress. It feels so much better!


Moreover, with this authenticity and love, we naturally act with more compassion and insight, which automatically ripples out into the world, generating more peace and kindness around us. 

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Join One Small Stone on zoom for 20-minute sessions:

  • Wednesdays, 8-8:20am 

  • Wednesdays, 9-9:20am

  • Fridays, 8-8:20am

Each session includes:

  • a brief talk on a theme or tool

  • a 10 to 15-minute guided meditation

  • time for questions and reflections

Email to register.

Suggested Price


Introductory class is free. Email to get the link for your free trial class! 

After the first class, the suggested price is $10 per class. Packages of 5 also available for $40.


One Small Stone is committed to an inclusive mindfulness community and welcomes all, regardless of ability to pay.


Information on how to pay via Venmo or Paypal will be included in the email with the Zoom link

Email to register or with any questions.

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“Of all the people on the planet, you talk to yourself more than anyone else. Make sure you are saying the right things.”

Janet Jackson

Drop-In Details
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“Fundamentally, the practice of love begins with acceptance—the recognition that wherever we are is the appropriate place to practice, that the present moment is the appropriate time. But for so many of us our longing to love and be loved has always been about a time to come, a space in the future when it will just happen, when our hungry hearts will finally be fed, when we will find love.”

bell hooks

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