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A Practice for Stretching Our Compassion

I recorded this “Just Like Me” guided meditation with a group last Wednesday. I was grateful to have the practice top-of-mind yesterday, when I got a phone call while I was rushing - already late - to an appointment.

The caller was the person I was late to meet and they wanted to know where I was.

Now, I was clearly in the wrong. And, yet, I was annoyed that they were calling. Rather than accepting blame, my mind immediately came up with stories about how unreasonable and demanding they were being. I wasn't THAT late.

I’m sure there were a lot of practices I could have done in that moment! (Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!) And, I’m so appreciative that I had the “Just Like Me” practice at my fingertips.

As I drove, I imagined the person in front of me and started listing ways in which we are similar: “Just like me, this person cares about their job. Just like me, this person tries hard. Just like me, this person wants to be liked. Just like me, this person feels bad sometimes. Just like me, this person sometimes runs late. Just like me, this person is loved…”

On and on, I went until I arrived. When I did arrive, I found that my anger and irritation had dissipated. I was able to greet the person with a sincere smile, a sincere apology and an authentic wish to connect with them. The outcome was much happier for me than if I’d stuck to the stories that initially showed up in my head. I hope this practice also shows up in ways that are helpful for you.

If you'd like to practice live with this group, register here. We sit together for 20-minutes every Wednesday and Friday at 8am EST. No experience needed.


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