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Being Present and Optimistic in the Face of Climate (and Other) Injustice

Go to 3:01 to skip the intro and get straight to the 15-minute guided meditation.

Scary things make us...scared. So we often look away. But, looking away doesn't actually feel so good either. Knowing that the problem exists and that we're not helping, can make us feel helpless and out of whack with our own intentions. So what can we do?

Sitting in meditation and tuning-in to how we're feeling in any given moment, helps us know when we need to step back and when we can step forward. By better knowing how and when to act, we are in a better position to help our communities and the world.

Even more beautifully, sitting with ourselves, and letting all our assumptions and stories drop away, also allows us to get in touch with our own innate goodness. We are all inherently good and enough. Tapping into that feeling of enough-ness, not only feels really good, it also gives us more energy, joy and compassion to bring to ourselves and the world.


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