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Giving *Literally* Makes Us Happy

I recently learned that 10% of charitable giving happens in the last 3 days of the year (source). I’ll confess that when I heard this, a lightbulb went off above my head with a scheme to plug donations to climate justice organizations, since that’s a bold, italic, asterisked cause for me and part of One Small Stone’s original DNA. 

BUT, as I got to typing, the two questions below seemed more interesting - at least for me - and, at least, at this time of year when we’re already asked to spend our resources (time, money and energy) in so many ways that may or may not align with what we care most about.

  • First question: what causes are most important to you?

  • Second question: does your giving align with your priorities?  In other words, do you put your money where your mouth (or heart) is?

You don’t have to tell anyone the answers! But, hopefully, it is fun to think about - because it turns out that giving makes us happy - as in, it releases endorphins in our brain (source). And, even better, giving never gets old. No matter how many times we give, we feel a warm glow each time (which is not true with repeated getting) (source).

Now...are you ready for this segue…you know what else makes you happy?! Meditation! Check out the upcoming classes here. (With bonus opportunity to mediate AND give to climate justice organizations when you sign up for drop-in meditations!)


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