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Talk About It. Talk About It. Talk About It.

It's easy to push a problem as big as climate change to the back of our minds. It's overwhelming and unwieldy.

But, as Science Moms say, "To tackle a problem as big as climate change, we have to talk about it—a lot."

So, be curious. Read an article. And, without causing a horrible Thanksgiving, spread your willingness to engage with this big, unwieldy and uncomfortable topic by talking about it with those around you.

The more people discuss an issue - with people they know and trust - the more likely they are to care, to talk about it with others, and to change their behavior. Everyone is busy and inertia is real. Research shows that conversations with close contacts is the best way to overcome inertia and generate positive change. So, let's ripple out!

For ideas on how to spread some ripples, join One Small Stone for Ripple and Reflect.


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